HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Orange Park - Bolton Plaza

2 rating

Roughest, most violent haircut I've ever had. The woman who cut my hair must have thought I was a sheep, or some similar livestock, because she was all business. It felt like she had some place else to be, and I was an obstacle. From the water-spray running down my forehead, the the angry way she was handling my ears, and the no smile, no talking, and rude demeanor she carried, I was offended to be treated this way. If this wasn't bad enough, she smelled like an ashtray. She must've been smoking seconds before roughing me up. I wanted to say something, but she was already in "Let's get this over with" mode, and I feared retribution from voicing my discomfort and receiving a crooked haircut or something. The previous time I had visited, I was offered hot towels, a beard trim, and other things. This time, I was standing outside 5 minutes AFTER opening waiting for the doors to be unlocked. Maybe I should have seen this as a sign of what was coming, but I expected more...a lot more. So, if you walk into the O.P location, and you see a "stylist" with nose, eyebrow, and lip piercings, and with a tattoo on her throat...that is Desiree. Beware. I gave 2 stars because I was happy with my haircut results, but it would have been a better experience sticking my head in a woodchipper. Atleast I know that the wood chipper would reek of cigarettes.

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